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Hey, what's up I'm Tiger Wolf. I'm into music mostly, art, photography, lit, fashion, being a veggie, biking, and gaming. Well. Anyway, this is my blog of many things enjoy. I always look at my followers blogs. I love to message as well. I think that just about does it. Bye/ Hi!

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Morning tea…not coffee.

I’m at my new Toronto place was able to stay here for a couple nights and use the hot tub. Hot tubs really are a time machine, after days of strenuous work; moving, heavy lifting, basketball, biking, working, working out, swimming. I was happy to have all my muscles relax in the bub tub. 

This was all very short lived, I’m back on the road tonight camera in hand.Gypsy life: Act 2. I wonder what’s next…

Much love,
~Tiger Wolf~ 

"You look nice."
"You look like good art."

"Good art doesn’t just look nice, it makes you feel something."